Guest Post: Preventing Plumbing Problems in Your Restaurant Kitchen

floor drainOwning and operating a restaurant is a dream realized by many chefs and restaurateurs.  This can be an exciting and financially rewarding experience, especially if your restaurant really sees success.  However, restaurants, like other places of business, have various plumbing fixtures installed in them, and sometimes these plumbing fixtures cause serious problems for restaurant owners.

Plumbing problems are most often seen in restaurants in their kitchen areas.  This most likely is due to the kitchen being the most-used area of a restaurant, combined with being an area that has heavy plumbing demands. When plumbing becomes overused or requires maintenance, plumbing systems can cause a number of serious problems for restaurant owners, many of which can be incredibly expensive. Fortunately, there are steps that restaurant owners can take early on to prevent such plumbing problems in their kitchens.  By taking the right steps toward safeguarding your restaurant kitchen, restaurant owners can prevent costly and cumbersome plumbing problems.

Easy Prevention against Plumbing Problems
There are many ways that you might be able to prevent future plumbing problems in your restaurant kitchen with simple preventative measures.  Some common prevention strategies include:

  • Have an experienced plumber inspect your restaurant’s plumbing regularly to identify any potential concerns before they become a big problem
  • Repair or replace any older or outdated plumbing or fixtures in your kitchen
  • Ensure that your water pressure and water shut-off valves are in proper working condition
  • Ensure that your fixtures are up-to-date and follow safety codes.  Replace worn or old ones before using them, if necessary.
Flexible Floor Drain Brush

Flexible Floor Drain Brush

EDITOR’S NOTE: Another way to keep your drains fresh and un-clogged is through the use of our flexible floor drain brushThe floor drain brush has a twisted wire that handle easily maneuvers further into drain allowing it to make the turns in the pipes. It also has a splashguard, allowing you to agitate the brush without allowing debris to splash back out. This will keep your drains from getting clogged and help reduce bacteria buildup.

Flexible Floor Drain Brush

Flexible Floor Drain Brush

Taking appropriate steps to guard against plumbing problems in your restaurant’s kitchen can prevent big, costly headaches caused by plumbing problems in the future.  If a restaurant’s kitchen suddenly becomes unusable because of a plumbing problem, arestaurant owner risks losing a lot of money, not just through repairing the plumbing problem, but also through the loss of business that will occur while repairs are being performed.  The best way to prevent plumbing problems from occurring in your restaurant kitchen is to thoroughly inspect the condition of your plumbing regularly, so you can catch problems while they remain small and easily manageable and repairable.

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Nancy Tran is a professional blogger who regularly writes for Plano plumbers.  She writes articles on a variety of topics ranging from plumbing problems, to prevention, to repair, and even plumbing installation and winterization.

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